02.03.2018 / Thamy Ayouch: Bodies and Pleasures: Giving a Queer Twist to Psychanalysis

02.03.2018 / Thamy Ayouch: Bodies and Pleasures: Giving a Queer Twist to Psychanalysis


Vrijdagavondlezing 2 maart 2018, 20u30 (Brussel/Watermaal-Bosvoorde)

Lezing over psychoanalyse, LGBT, queer en gender:

Bodies and Pleasures”: Giving a Queer Twist to Psychoanalysis

Thamy Ayouch; response by Patrick Vandermeersch

In their distinct specific discursivity, the “bodies and pleasures” evoked by Foucault at the end of The Will to Knowledge seem to articulate a programmatic line ​along which psychoanalysis ​could escape the deployment of sexuality Foucault reduced it to. Responding to Judith Butler’s reading of the “bodies and pleasures”, ​I will try and ​show that the discursive regime of “bodies and pleasure” is fundamental for a “minor psychoanalysis” ​: a “queerized” psychoanalysis ​opposed to the major discourse on sex-desire. This regime enables to historicize a “sex difference” that does not exist as such neither biologically nor symbolically, and helps connect with the Freudian original debiologisation of sexuality and sexuation.​ It also enables psychoanalysts to listen to analysands, harbor contemporary non-binary gender and sexuality issues, and theorize beyond any normative perspective​.

A text will be available; the discussion is in English and/or French.

Prof. dr. Thamy Ayouch (Paris VII – Denis Diderot) is a psychoanalyst in private practice. More info: http://thamy-ayouch.wixsite.com/thamy-ayouch

Em. Prof. dr. Patrick Vandermeersch (Groningen) is an honorary member of the EBP-BSP. More info: www.patrickvandermeersch.nl

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